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derangedblackkitten ([personal profile] derangedblackkitten) wrote2011-12-22 02:26 am


And an explanation, I suppose. I'm creating this account as a sort of back-up in the event that Livejournal continues to slide down a slope of douchebaggery with all their non-user friendly changes.

It's funny, because I just barely made a new livejournal account for myself as a fresh start and now I'm here. Anyway, the various online usernames I go by (or have gone by in the past) to avoid any confusion about content, as I will be crossposting many of my stories between here, LJ, and, are the following: Deranged Black Kitten of Doom, BlackKittenDoom, Sprite_wolf, and now this account.

Well, I suppose that's all that needs to be said for now.